TV Sketches


I started writing comedy in my teens, selling my first joke to Rory Bremner while he was at the BBC.


I went on to spend eight years in the sketch salt mines, but didn’t record any of it; it’s done, it’s gone, onto the next one was my feeling at the time.

But thanks to other people’s geekiness that I can only guess at, bits and bobs have popped up online. Below is an unrepresentative sample, and some photos from the filming of a show called Hello Mum.

Nick Wilton, Jamie Rix (producer) Helen Lederer and Clive Mantle
Helen Lederer on location Hello Mum


Hello Mum boldly went out live, although as Jamie Rix said, the trouble was, nobody noticed, they just thought it was under-rehearsed.
Not unlike the end of this Pedigree Chum parody I wrote for Nick Wilton.


What larks eh Pip, what larks.

And here I give you a Mr Silly And Mr Straight, white-man two-hander, written with my good friend Roger Planer for Alas Smith and Jones.


My lasting memory of this Spitting Image skit is years later receiving random single figure repeat fees from Eastern Europe after the wall came down. And they say comedy doesn’t travel.

I script-edited an odd series for BBC Wales called The Really Useful Guide To Alcohol in which I co-wrote this with Richard Curtis (yes, him, and he was lovely).

And that’s me handing Rowan the drinks that is.


UPDATE, 4/7/14

And speaking of repeat fees, look what postie bought me, from my ex-agent. It appears repeat fees, not unlike Celion Dion’s heart, will go on forever.

noel gay



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