Thomas Credits

Some of the Thomas and Friends eps I wrote…

“Sharing your work makes things much easier, but
sharing the fun is the best fun of all”
(Thomas and the Circus)

Percy and the Left Luggage

Thomas and the Shooting Star

Wharf and Peace

Percy and the Magic Carpet

Thomas and the Lighthouse!

Thomas and the Rainbow!

Thomas and the Firework Display (written with Paul Larson)

Thomas and the Circus

Percy and the Oil Painting

Henry Gets It Wrong!

Toby’s Triumph

Thomas, Emily, and the Snowplough

Thomas and the Jet Plane

Thomas and the Golden Eagle

Thomas and the Storyteller

It’s Good to be Gordon

Keeping Up with James

Edward the Great

Thomas to the Rescue (written with Paul Larson)

James Gets a New Coat

Percy’s Big Mistake

Percy and the Funfair

Henry and the Wishing Tree (written with Paul Larson)

As Good as Gordon


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