Current mood
Current mood March 2022

Hello lovely peeps…

Been busy ghostwriting a political memoir (and no, I can’t say 🙂 ), but getting back into the swing.

If you’re waiting for a reply, apologies, but please resend, I will get back to you, promise!  Also, can podcast late April when I properly come up for air.  Jog my memory – the answer’s yes!

I don’t buy-me-a-coffee/patreon, thank you for asking. If you want to donate, I support…

Tell them Percy sent you.

Lastly, am midway to the new site but still have LOTS of rolling stock, that I’ll be tweeting rather than posting (quicker and easier).

See you online. Say hello!


PS sorry about the ads – it’s one of the reasons I’m moving!










One thought on “Home

  1. Wally Downes 11/02/2020 / 7:18 pm

    I looked up Mr Gregory’s butchers shop, and you were the only link, with a piece of your writing.
    Have you done anymore on the Bush…
    I was born there and moved away, I’m guessing you were in the road opposite the Adelaide pub!!!


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